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GYROTONIC® Method exercise for Pain Relief

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Back & Shoulder Pain

Did you know that between 70 and 80% of the population are estimated to have experienced lower back pain? Chronic back pain afflicts people from all walks of life, many of whom struggle for years to cope with debilitating symptoms. Sitting, standing, laying, walking, lifting – every move we make during the day requires a strong and healthy back.

Sometimes back pain is generalised and difficult to diagnose – on occasions where nothing shows on a scan or x-ray it may be that while you are experiencing pain in your back, particularly your lower back, the source of the problem is actually elsewhere in your body. 

If your spine is not properly aligned, your posture is not correct, and/or your muscles are tensing it can create havoc, discomfort or pain throughout the rest of your body. 

This is where the GYROTONIC® Method can help with exercise for pain and to alleviate stiffness. Because the GYROTONIC® Method encourages a full range of spinal movement you can strengthen and stretch fully throughout your entire back. It may just be the most comprehensive system of pain relief exercises for lower back pain and stiffness. 

Your trainer can also help with back pain relief exercises at home.

Arthritis Pain

GYROTONIC® Method  can alleviate arthritis.Even though it seems like exercise will aggravate your joint pain and stiffness, it’s actually a lack of exercise that makes your joints painful. Range-of-motion and strengthening exercises are particularly important to preserve the use of your joints. GYROTONIC® Method is specifically designed to articulate your joints and strengthen the surrounding muscles.

Neck & Shoulder Pain

The GYROTONIC® Method can assist people with exercise for painful shoulders and necks by teaching you the proper placement of your head and exercise for painful shoulders whilst sitting and standing, as well as in all the dynamic movements of the spine. Alleviating neck and shoulder pain actually starts at the pelvis and lower spine and builds its way up to the upper back and neck. With this approach, the entire spine is relearning and strengthening in the proper postural position. And most importantly, it emphasises this strength and awareness in sitting and teaches one how to open the chest and get the shoulder blades and arms moving.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

A major challenge for people with Parkinson’s is quality of movement. The  GYROTONIC® Method focuses on the mobilisation of the spine and joints to effectively ease pain and eliminate restrictions in the body. Its three-dimensional circular, spiralling and elongated movements stimulate the nervous system to become more aware of increased equilibrium.

Gyrotonic Benefits for people with Parkinson’s include:

  • Building and enhancing core and spine strength and mobility
  • Increasing flexibility, coordination and balance through neuromuscular reorganisation and integration
  • Alleviating poor posture and restoring structural integrity through the application of alignment principles
  • Enhancing joint mobility and articulation
  • Promoting long, strong and lean muscles with both strength and maximum flexibility
  • Restoring proper body function and integration of all systems: muscular, skeletal, respiratory, circulatory and nervous

Chronic Pain 

Chronic pain can be linked back to a specific injury, a serious infection – or it may have no known cause at all. Some of the most common types of chronic pain are caused by low-back pain, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, nerve damage, or scoliosis. The  GYROTONIC® Method enables you to open up the joints and the surrounding soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia) to help return the body to a dynamic state of health. 

Post Hip or Knee Replacement

 GYROTONIC® Method restores optimal range of motion. It also creates balance, stability, and strength three-dimensionally around the joint.


The  GYROTONIC® Method system provides gentle movement practice helping restore the natural flow of cerebrospinal fluid. Exercises help calm and regulate the nervous system.


Movement starts from the spine outwards so muscles that surround the spine are worked to encourage proper alignment. 

Gyrotonic exercise can also give exceptional relief after spinal surgery, a herniated/degenerative disc, and helps with rheumatoid arthritis.

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