GYROTONIC® Method for Dancers

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Dancers are elite athletes physically and mentally and require extensive training in and out of the studio.

Here’s how gyrotonics for dancers can support dancers’ physically and mentally:  

  1. Injury Prevention 

GYROTONIC® dance exercise is a fantastic way to improve the outcomes from forcing turnout, tucking and hyperextension – often the first warning signs to serious injuries, while continuing vigorous class and rehearsal schedules. 

  1. Increases your range of Motion 

GYROTONIC® dance exercises simultaneously strengthen and stretch each muscle group in a way that is identical to the range of motion needed in dance class, increasing flexibility in a practical way.

  1. Proper Alignment 

Through the GYROTONIC® Method each dancer will learn how to find their perfect alignment to set them up for success, remembering alignment is everything and is the balance of strength between muscle groups. 

  1. Better Balance

Whether you’re a contemporary dancer or a prima ballerina on pointe moving from one balance to another, you need to have perfect balance which comes down to alignment and strength. The GYROTONIC® Method specialised equipment and trainer will be able to highlight any inconsistencies in your body which are preventing the best balance and aid in correction

  1. Increases your Strength

A GYROTONIC® Method session is designed to strengthen the joint and muscles in its 3 dimensional realm and create strength at every level of movement. It focuses on the importance of a connected body – shoulder girdle and pelvis working together to achieve the perfect structural balance. 

  1. No Gripping 

The GYROTONIC® Method will simply and correctly teach you to use the best muscle groups to lift your leg rather than ‘gripping’ – the habit of using hip flexors and quads. Gyrotonic ballet dancers report less to no gripping. 

  1. Better Control 

GYROTONIC® Method exercise will teach you different breaths to achieve the maximum strength, extension, and connection through the whole body. Instantly increasing your body’s capability and control.

  1. Gyrotonics for Dancers,  created by a Dancer

Julio Horvath was a professional dancer and suffered injuries that were not being fully helped by any specific training method so he created his own system that incorporated all the best practices into one. GYROTONIC® ballet dancers notice the difference. 

Learn more about the GYROTONIC® Method for dancers with this gyrotonic YouTube video.

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