Highly recommended!

I’ve been training with Stephanie in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis exercises for over a year now. I sought out Stephanie’s method of training initially with the aim to improve my mobility. Due to injuries over the years and arthritis, I had limited range of movements.  Working through the exercises with Stephanie has significantly improved the fluidity of movement and increased my flexibility. My core has never been stronger! Each session leaves me feeling more spacious and lengthened. I love how the emphasis is on the natural flow of the body and just getting it to perform better. Nothing overly complicated but very effective. Stephanie is an exceptionally gifted and patient trainer.

- Su Lim

My training with Stephanie is fantastic

I found her studio through Gyrotonic official website. We started online Gyrokinesis sessions during Pandemic lockdown in July 2021 and then met in person for Gyrotonic sessions after the lockdown. While I started the training with Stephanie, I had issues to use my muscles effectively and improving my body coordination for dancing. Stephanie carefully has listened and observed my movement in each session. She would then guide me to use inner muscle strength correctly to improve my body coordination and to prevent injuries. She also designed the sessions according to my specific needs of training to not only strengthened the body movement but also shaped my lines. Stephanie has also shared her experience of being a professional dancer, which also facilitated my dancing. I have enjoyed and appreciated the training sessions with Stephanie and happy to continue the sessions of Gyrokinesis online and Gyrotonic in person.

- Sandra L

Stephanie explains how all the movements should feel

I've been doing Gyrotonics with Stephanie in her studio and more recently online for nearly 3 years. Stephanie explains how all the movements should feel and really helps with my spinal mobility, strength and general flexibility.

- Melissa L

Highly recommend Stephanie’s techniques with Gyrotonic

Stephanie was amazing at helping me recover From knee surgery, with Gyrotonic it was gentle enough for me to get full movements back in my knee and physical enough to build and strengthen my muscle back up not only in my leg but my whole body become stronger.

- Lisa D

Stephanie is very professional and extremely knowledgeable

I was having difficulty with my mobility and my family gave me a gift certificate to go Stephanie Hancox Gyrotonics! I was intimidated at first as I thought it would be too difficult for me because I am 70 years old! Stephanie reassured me that she could bring back mobility and she did.

She has me arching and curling my spine, oh and spiralling too. My hips and knees are better too.

Stephanie is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in the gyrotonics system and it is a pleasure to be in her studio!

- Terri B

Stephanie’s attention to detail in her classes make it such a pleasure and an awesome way to start the day

Stephanie and her online Gyrokinesis classes were literally life saving for me during Covid lockdowns and Gyrotonic/Gyrokinesis continues to be my preferred form of exercise. Stephanie’s attention to detail in her classes make it such a pleasure and an awesome way to start the day. The spiraling movement of Gyrokinesis really does move the body in ways other methods don’t achieve, having practiced Yoga and Pilates for many years. After the class my body feels like it has been squeezed into every direction… soooo good

- Deborah L

I cannot recommend Stephanie more!

I found gyrotonics when I suffered a dance injury. Stephanie cured my back pain and improved my flexibility and range of motion. I went back gyrotonics throughout my pregnancy to keep fit and help my pelvic pain (SPD) and now am using it to fix my Diastasis recti postpartum. (Thankfully small due to Stephanie’s care and training during pregnancy)

Stephanie is a wonderful teacher, kind and caring but not afraid to challenge you to go just that little bit further than you thought you could.

- Freya T

Everyone should try!

Amazing method, especially with the machine, plus Stephanie is amazing too!

- Janelle T