Following  arcing  and circular  movement is nature’s  design  of the human body. GYROTONIC® exercise is adaptable for all abilities, needs and levels. Thespecialized equipment is designed with adjustable elements, the equipment  can  adapt to  the individual’s specific characteristics  – height, weight, length, size, arm  and leg length, natural range of motion and physical ability.

From  those  who  are living  with  a disability  or recovering  from  the injury  to  elite athletes  and professional  dancers in full  form  –everybody  can benefit from  GYROTONIC® sessions. Also GYROTONIC® exercise  is  highly recommended  for those  who have  a scoliosis,  many  of  my  clients  have  found  that  through the  spiral and circular movements  they  are able  to  finally  move and more  freely and even  some  have found  a  decrease  in the  severity  of  their scoliosis after  time.

Pre  and  post  natal women  can  enjoy and  benefit  from  the method  too,  I  know this  first  hand,  I returned  to  my professional ballet career  8  weeks  after the  birth  of  my daughter  and  was able  to practice GYROTONIC® exercise  during  the pregnancy,  the exercise  method  can be  adapted  for  all trimesters  and  is safe.  New  mothers also  like  this method ticks  a  lot  of  boxes in  one session,  Pelvic Floor,  closing  of  the Abdominal  wall, posture,  hip  and stretching  and strengthening  the arms.

Clients  who  identify as  plus  size,  enjoy  the  exercises  as most  are non  weight bearing  yet  have  the resistance  of  the equipment and  are   able  to  realign  and strengthen  without the  strain.  I  also have  a  lot  of positive experience  working with  professional and pre  professional dancers.

I  practiced  GYROTONIC® exercise  throughout my  ballet career  and I  know  first  hand how GYROTONIC® method  can  improve line,  technique, flexibility,  prevent injury,  remove mannerisms  and prolong  a  career