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GYROTONIC® Method Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast

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Like moving in water 

The GYROTONIC® Method is a unique movement method which targets the entire body. It creates and improves functional strength, suppleness and decompression of the joints, and increases range of movement/motion while stimulating the entire nervous system and opening up energy pathways.. 

A series of exercises performed in rhythmic repetitions of circular movements with corresponding breath patterns, the GYROTONIC® Method is specifically designed to flow seamlessly. Each movement continues from the last in perfect harmony, allowing the natural pattern of motion for your joints.

Specially designed machines support transitions between movements so they remain free from jarring. Thoughtfully crafted repetitive sequences strengthen the body making it more balanced, efficient and flexible at the same time. 

Some clients of GYROTONIC® Australia have described the practice as ‘like moving in water’...


GYROTONIC® classes are practiced in group or private settings under the instruction of a qualified GYROTONIC® Trainer. 

Contact Stephanie to learn more about group and private GYROTONIC® classes available in Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast. Contact us.

The beginning…

Invented in 1977 by the Hungarian dancer Juliu Horvath, who was particularly interested in human physiology, the method was originally called Yoga for Dancers, then White Cloud. Now known as the GYROTONIC® Method  to highlight its goal of improving the body’s circulation and tone.

GYROTONIC® Method exercises are designed to encourage creativity; playfulness and feeling at home in one’s own body

“I want music and poetry in my body.
I want to be skillful without struggle.”

Juliu Horvath

Gyrotonic Benefits 

  • Uses your body’s natural spiraling and spherical movement patterns to strengthen and decompress your entire spine
  • The workout consists of progressively challenging exercise modules which promote joint mobility
  • The multi-directional, circular movements make you less vulnerable to injuries, stress and micro-traumas by increasing your spinal column’s functional ability
  • The principles offer similar benefits to martial arts, swimming, dance and yoga
  • The ability to complete multiple joint movements without compression gives the body extraordinary flexibility and capability
  • With endurance and speed variations you can create an actual simulation of sport activity
  • The program uses undulating and rhythmical exercises to work systematically and softly on joints and muscles, building core and lean muscle strength, while nourishing the body with focused breathwork
  • With every exercise synchronised with a specific type of breathing pattern, you will build breathing endurance
  • Advanced programs utilise both vigorous and delicate cardiovascular and aerobic rhythms
  • Gyrotonic weight loss is possible since weight loss is the result of a properly balanced diet combined with regular cardiovascular exercise and strength training and gyrotonic exercise can satisfy the strength training component of this trinity.
  • Focusing on toning, lengthening, strengthening, injury reduction, and postural alignment will increase performance and power both within classes and other activities, allowing you to continue to see and feel results more efficiently and lasting longer – so gyrotonic weight loss is achievable.

In addition, at the heart of the GYROTONIC® Method is seven spinal movement principles which stimulate the nervous system, creating a sense of balance in the upright body: 

  1. Bending forward
  2. Extending backward
  3. Side-bending to the right
  4. Side-bending to the left 
  5. Rotating to the right
  6. Rotating to the left
  7. Articulated, circular motion

About Stephanie Hancox – your GYROTONIC® Method Trainer

Stephanie was lucky to discover the GYROTONIC® Method early in her career, while traveling in Berlin she was recommended by another dancer as the exercise method to help achieve that long and lean look ballet dancers must have. Stephanie has practiced the GYROTONIC® Method religiously since that first session back in 2003.

In 2012 Stephanie embarked on her teacher training in order to deepen her understanding of the practice and the human body. Stephanie believes that practicing GYROTONIC® method was a key factor for her low injury rate during her long career of 17 years and that GYROTONIC® method was instrumental in the improvement of her technique, the maintenance of her professional dancing standard and shaping and sculpting of her muscle structure.

Through teacher training Stephanie has discovered a whole new understanding of the body and how it is designed to move and the benefits of moving the body in a holistic way. This has also influenced her approach to Dance and Ballet instruction greatly.

Stephanie has been instructing dancers and non dancers in GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® since 2012, in Munich, Germany, Monte Carlo, Monaco and Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast. She now welcomes you to GYROTONIC® Australia. 

Contact Stephanie to learn more about group and private GYROTONIC® Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast classes available.