GYROTONIC® Method for Dancers

image credit Dancers are elite athletes physically and mentally and require extensive training in and out of the studio. Here’s how gyrotonics for dancers can support dancers’ physically and mentally:   Injury Prevention  GYROTONIC® dance exercise is a fantastic way to improve the outcomes from forcing turnout, tucking and hyperextension – often the first …

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GYROTONIC® Method vs Pilates

image credit Differences in the principles of Gyrotonics vs Pilates Pilates has 6 traditional principles:  Centering  Concentration Control Precision Flow  Breath Together these principles help strengthen core muscles, improve awareness and reduce tension throughout the body, helping you become more controlled and aligned. The GYROTONIC® Method has four principles:  Intention Stabilisation Decompression  Coordination The …

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GYROTONIC® Method for the Elderly

image credit The GYROTONIC® method offers a low-impact workout program which can be especially beneficial for the elderly. It focuses on strengthening bones and improving posture and flexibility. Many seniors report that after doing GYROTONIC® Method exercises they’ve experienced relief from arthritis and stiff joints, improved strength, stamina and circulation, a straighter posture, more …

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GYROTONIC® Method Sydney

image credit Like moving in water  The GYROTONIC® Method is a unique movement method which targets the entire body. It creates and improves functional strength, suppleness and decompression of the joints, and increases range of movement/motion while stimulating the entire nervous system and opening up energy pathways..  A series of exercises performed in rhythmic …

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